Enhance and Automate Your HR Planning with the HiBob Native Connector

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To help you unify your data sources and accurately measure or forecast the impact of each hire across your organization, Pigment offers a native connector with HiBob.

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Alexandre Lopez
April 8, 2022

Create flexible and predictable sales forecasts

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Enhance and Automate Your HR Planning with the HiBob Native Connector


Accessing the right data is critical for any organization serious about HR planning. At Pigment, we recently launched our Workday native connector to make it easier to connect HR data, and received fantastic feedback from the community.

Now, we’re excited to offer you even more: you can now access your HR data from HiBob with Pigment’s new connector!

With 1,000+ customers, HiBob was founded to modernize HR technology. Offering an all-in-one data-driven platform, HiBob:

  • Provides HR teams with greater oversight and visibility into the business
  • Gives managers access to resources and insights for more effective leadership
  • Helps employees connect, develop, and grow within their organization

Pigment’s native HiBob connector allows users to unify their data sources and accurately measure or forecast the impact of each hire across their organization.

Break down silos to maximize the potential of your HR data

With our HiBob integration, you can make the most of your workforce data housed in HiBob.

Pigment offers you the possibility of automatically selecting and importing your HiBob reports as a new data source to be used in your models.

By consolidating your HR data with your other data sources, you’ll have a 360° view of your business to:

  • Plan your hiring needs accurately, including your growth forecasts, sales team ramp time, and existing pipeline
  • Easily track your employee costs by combining salary, bonus, benefits, and payroll taxes with other operating expenses such as rent, software, and travel
  • Allow each department to have a clear view of their spend, team composition, attrition, and other key performance indicators

How the HiBob integration works with Pigment

HiBob native integration with Pigment

The HiBob integration is native to Pigment. This means you’ll be able to connect your HiBob instance to Pigment in a few clicks:

  • Step 1: Collect your HiBob API token to set up the connection
  • Step 2: Select the HiBob connector in the Pigment Integration Library page
  • Step 3: Setup the connection by providing your HiBob API token and defining the list of Pigment applications allowed to use this connection
  • Step 4: You’ll now be able to upload any HiBob report into Pigment

To see the process in detail, have a look at our community post.

Leave your CSV files behind. Stay in sync to free your bandwidth and avoid data transfer errors.

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