Pigment AI: Our vision for the future of business planning

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Learn how Pigment AI plays a crucial role in our vision for the future of business planning, with a special message from Pigment Co-Founder Romain Niccoli.

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Romain Niccoli
May 3, 2023

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Pigment AI: Our vision for the future of business planning


Eléonore and I started Pigment because we saw how much businesses were struggling with decision-making. They were hindered by siloed, incomplete and inaccurate data. They were spending too much time on manual processes. In short, they weren’t able to understand their performance, stay agile or plan ahead

Even today, I still have countless conversations with individuals and teams who are facing the same challenges. These conversations motivate me and my team to find better solutions and to keep on innovating

Our goal has always been to make planning easier and accessible to everyone, so leaders can make better decisions for their business. I’m proud of how far we’ve come on this journey and today, we’re taking another step forward by launching Pigment AI

This is a natural next step in Pigment’s evolution and will exponentially increase the value our customers get from it. 

This is a long-journey and we’re only just getting started. I’m thrilled to be at the forefront of this next chapter.

Why Pigment is in a unique position to revolutionize business planning with AI?

We know that AI is only as good as the data it’s based on. It can’t add value if your data is incomplete, inaccurate or siloed to begin with. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in building a modern, enterprise-grade planning platform that provides enterprises with a single-source of truth for their data, is delightful to use, and flexible enough to adapt to our customers’ needs

By integrating with your existing tech stack, Pigment provides an accurate, single-source of truth for all your data. Everyone in your organization has a comprehensive view of what matters so they can make the right decisions to meet company goals.

Enhanced with AI the speed and ease with which teams can access this information will increase significantly. And because Pigment AI is working off structured and accurate data, we can be confident that it will only add value to your decision making

What does the future of business planning look like?

AI will completely upend business planning as we know it today.

But we don’t see a future where all our decisions are being made by AI-powered robots. Instead, we envision a world where AI sits alongside humans as a trusted co-pilot, elevating our decision-making and productivity to new heights.

A world where you’ll be able to effortlessly interact with data and information, just by asking the right questions and where you’ll be able to focus on high impact, strategic activities that make a real difference to the business.

So, how will Pigment AI help us get there?

Through Pigment AI, you’ll be able to accelerate decision-making, automate tasks, and democratize access to information across any organization. This will be a journey, not a one-day shift, but from the start, it will save you time and help your teams focus on what matters.

1. Enhance your company’s collective intelligence

Make it easier for employees to onboard, set-up models and use Pigment with minimal ramp up time.

2. Create smarter and richer reports 

Ask Pigment to drill through your data, then let AI reveal the insights you need, in the format you need it. 

Let Pigment AI write concise summaries of your analysis so you can easily communicate and share insights across the business. 

3. Test new assumptions in seconds with AI scenario planning

Capitalize on new opportunities or mitigate risks by asking Pigment AI to play out different what-if scenarios to help you make the best decisions.


4. Make it easy to execute your decisions

Get summaries of comments in Pigment and automate notifications and reminders so you can bring your entire workforce into the planning process 

Effective collaboration is at the heart of good decision making. 

Eléonore and I have always prioritized creating a customer-first mindset at Pigment. Listening to our customers’ needs and finding ways to help them succeed is at the heart of everything we do. 

Born from this commitment, Pigment AI will empower our customers to understand their business better, accelerate decision making and focus on what really matters. 

But it’s not just about business outcomes. I also believe that Pigment AI will help our customers build happier and more successful workplaces, where employees are truly engaged in decision-making, feel fulfilled, and can add value.

I’m excited to explore all the possibilities in which AI can transform businesses. We’re just getting started. 

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