Pigment Data Connectors for Days! [Google Cloud Storage + AWS S3]

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Learn how you can connect to your data stored on Google Cloud Storage or the Amazon S3 platform with Pigment’s native integrations.

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Priyaanka Arora
September 30, 2022

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Pigment Data Connectors for Days! [Google Cloud Storage + AWS S3]


Feature releases bring joy to Pigment employees and customers alike.

Most recently, we’ve seen the release of incredibly useful product features including scheduled imports, the Google Sheets connector, the notifications center, and so much more.

Pigment Google Sheets connector

You can see the massive list of new features released on Pigment in Q3 2022 in our Community post, but this article will focus on two of our newest data connectors: Pigment’s Google Cloud Storage and AWS S3 data connectors.

Let’s jump in!

Pigment’s Google Cloud Storage data connector 

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) is a cloud-based database where you can store individual files, known as objects, grouped together into buckets, projects, and organizations.

This wildly popular cloud storage platform’s use cases vary from website image storage to supply chain data analysis. And now, you can connect your GCS bucket data to any block within your workspace in Pigment.

Pigment GCS integration

Of course, there are a few prerequisites before connecting:

  • Your data must live in a GCS bucket
  • You need to have ownership of the project containing this GCS bucket

Once you've ensured you meet these prerequisites, you need to follow just three high-level steps to get your connection up and running:

  1. Create a service account to authenticate your Google Cloud Project
  2. Generate a Service Account Key to allow you to configure your connection within Pigment
  3. Grant access to your bucket so you can share the data with Pigment.

From here, you're all set to connect within Pigment by adding our native Google Cloud Storage integration.

Pigment GCS integration

Find the detailed tutorial to connect to GCS from Pigment on our Community page.

Pigment’s Amazon S3 data connector 

AWS S3 (Amazon S3) is a cloud storage platform that offers robust storage in Amazon’s cloud servers. Data is stored, similar to GCS, in the form of files grouped under buckets.

Amazon S3 allows companies to scale their infrastructure easily, while remaining confident in the security and availability of their data.

Pigment AWS integration

To connect Pigment to your data on Amazon S3, you’ll need to have admin access to an AWS S3 bucket containing the data. Then follow a few simple steps to get going with your new data connection:

  1. Create a user on AWS with programmatic access so the user can securely connect from Pigment
  2. Create a policy with the appropriate permissions set up
  3. Attach the newly created policy to the user and generate an access key

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to add the Amazon S3 integration in Pigment.

Pigment AWS integration

And that’s all you need to do to connect your data — regardless of the storage platform — to Pigment. With Pigment, the objective is to save crucial time on wrangling data connections and prep which you can then direct towards analysis and insight generation.

Pigment’s seamless integration offerings help you create the perfect central repository to consolidate, analyze, and ultimately act on your data.

Scroll through Pigment’s full range of native integrations, including data warehouses, CRMs, HRIS, billing systems, and more, on our Pigment Integrations page.

Happy number-crunching! 

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