Highlights From Pigment's First Ever EMEA Partner Hackathon

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Read the highlights from Pigment’s first ever partner hackathon for our European partners including Meltone, Blooprint, Statera, and addsustain.

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Cyril Gaillot-Drevon
December 1, 2022

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Highlights From Pigment's First Ever EMEA Partner Hackathon


This past week, Pigment's EMEA partners came together in our Paris headquarters for our first ever partner hackathon held in Europe! The energy in the room was electric as teams worked on innovative new ways to use Pigment to solve real-life challenges.

The event was sponsored by IDKids, a community of responsible brands with a mission to build a better world for growing children. Five of Pigment’s EMEA partners worked on innovative solutions to help achieve ambitious carbon reduction goals while maintaining a sustainable path to profitability.

We were blown away by the talent, creativity, and energy of the participants who presented their solutions, built in Pigment, to a panel of expert judges. Read on for the highlights from the event!

The challenge: meeting carbon reduction goals with optimized profitability

The partner hackathon set the stage to solve for an important cause: carbon emissions management.

Pigment's first EMEA partner hackathon

Partners were assigned an interesting case by the IDKids team, looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and operate in a more sustainable way. Of course, given the current situation with market downturns, the underlying challenge was to achieve this sustainability without harming profits — a noble mission.

Partners were equipped with everything they needed to build a solution within the Pigment platform, including: a dedicated Pigment workspace, pre-built dimensions, and sample data sets. They also had the freedom to create their own fake data sets and in general be as creative as possible while still addressing the main challenge.

Ultimately, partners had to present a way to achieve the target of reducing carbon emissions by 30% before 2027, by sourcing the right mix of eco-friendly materials for a clothing brand under the IDKids umbrella.

MeltOne emerges as first EMEA partner hackathon winner!

MeltOne Advisory, a Pigment partner headquartered in Paris, France, with the mission to “give back control to businesses” emerged as the proud winner of our first EMEA partner hackathon!

The team, represented by Marion Edelmann, Chloé Fossati, Paul Culioli, and Camille Maurice, worked hard to develop a model that would be both effective and profitable, and were proud of the results. The model was flexible and could be quickly adapted to respond to changes in the market, which is essential in today's rapidly changing world.

Although each partner team took a different approach, the MeltOne team in particular demonstrated creative and out-of-the-box thinking when building their dashboards.

Their simple yet effective models told a story that went beyond the scope of a planning tool and carbon footprint optimization. They incorporated supplier relationships - using models to support decision-making, transportation (connecting budget and supply applications), and a third-party database to establish carbon footprint KPIs.

Our expert panel was pleased to recognize and laud the MeltOne team as they went above and beyond the requirements of the case and took the challenge to heart.

Thank you EMEA partners - we can’t wait to grow together

Overall, the solutions presented by all partners were extremely high quality, and the level of engagement seen from each team was world-class.

The entire Pigment team was truly impressed by all of the partner teams' responses to the challenge. Each team took a different tack in terms of adjusting units sales and product share, while still maintaining high levels of creativity.

It was clear that each team had found a way to model their unique strength and tell a very individualized story. The quality of the boards and the many innovative approaches taken were amazing.

In the end, it was nearly impossible for our judges to decide upon a winning team!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our EMEA partners for their continued support and enthusiastic participation in the event. The hackathon has set a high bar for future events, and we can’t wait to witness the limitless innovation we’ll accomplish with both our EMEA and US partners by our side.

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