Pigment’s Proactive Approach to Pride Month

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Pigmenauts celebrate Pride with proactive initiatives to make Pigment a safe, inclusive space for all.

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June 10, 2022

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Pigment’s Proactive Approach to Pride Month


Pigmenauts. A word coined by Pigment employees, for Pigment employees.

Each day, Pigmenauts join forces to drive the Pigment rocket ship. But a successful space journey can only happen with the help of its crew - every member of the crew.

This Pride month, we reflect on our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals as a tight-knit team of 130+ individuals. We’ll cover our approach to DEI and Pride awareness initiatives.

We’ll also talk about our proactive efforts to make Pigment a safe space for employees to be themselves at work each day.

Pigment’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion

We base our DEI efforts on our company philosophy of enabling better decisions. Our approach to DEI is a two-step framework:

  • Continuous learning: we educate ourselves and others around us with the latest studies, innovative ideas, and simply owning up to oversight or mistakes
  • Proactive action: We back our words with actions and keep this momentum going 365 days a year

Through this cycle of learning, executing, and relearning, our team is kept up-to-date on how to best nurture the inclusive spirit. Tagging our words to actions holds us accountable to the impact of every move we make.

How Pigment employees are celebrating Pride month in 2022

We have a dedicated, volunteer-based task force for DEI initiatives. This includes strong support from the senior leadership team, who frequently share their vision to make Pigment a more inclusive space.

For Pride month, Pigmenauts are exploring the history behind this important event. Together, the team will research topics including:

  • Historical events that led up to June being celebrated as Pride month
  • Learning about the different faces of Pride
  • All the facts on what Pride represents to the LGBTQ+ community and its allies

Other active initiatives include: Lunch & Learn education sessions, encouraging support of local LGBTQ+ businesses, and weekly presentations of pride history and facts.

Pigment is a safe space where individuals and their identities are celebrated

At Pigment, we don’t draw the line at adding color to our customers’ businesses.

We celebrate the vibrancy and strength that comes from Pigmenauts with diverse perspectives that have been gained from each of their unique backgrounds and experiences.

Building an environment that is welcoming and fosters a sense of belonging requires intentionality and commitment. We execute this objective through our active DEI program:

Pigment’s DEI program scope

Our DEI program scope includes, but is not limited to, the following broad goals:

  • Largely focused on impactful actions over performative measures
  • Ensuring people feel safe to bring their whole self to work
  • Embedding DEI in every action we take at Pigment
  • Placing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of our identity as a company
  • Empowering all employees with knowledge and tools that build awareness and support for DEI

Pigment’s DEI program in actions

We are always adding more initiatives to our DEI programs. Our employees are currently tackling the following initiatives, each with its own initiative lead:

  • A wealth of student development programs
  • Annual baseline survey for representation and belonging
  • Inclusive benefits package
  • Inclusive hiring practices including actively seeking people from diverse backgrounds, underrepresented groups in tech, people living with disabilities, and neurodivergent people
  • Inclusive performance review practices
  • Employee Resource Groups and internal mentor programs
  • Externally reporting aggregated demographic data about representation among Pigment employees
  • Volunteer programs to help upskill underrepresented groups in tech

Pigmenauts work hard each day to make a difference in the world of business planning. As they make a strong impact on the business community, we resolve to support our own Pigmenaut community.

Together as Pigmenauts, we embody the core value of “all for one, and one for all” in our mission to create the welcoming and supportive environment that we believe each employee deserves.

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