The Secret Formula For Successful Tech Partnerships That Actually Work

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Pigment North America leader Hanyul Lee shares what it takes to build successful partnerships between technology players in the EPM space.

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Hanyul Lee
September 9, 2022

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The Secret Formula For Successful Tech Partnerships That Actually Work


When you’re a rapidly growing technology company in an industry with a desperate need for a makeover, you often wear many, many hats.

Your growth trajectory reflects this: you increase the variety of services provided alongside your actual customer count.

But there comes a time when a do-it-all approach doesn’t capture the full extent of customer needs and expectations.

And that’s when you launch a partner program. Read on for a glimpse into Pigment’s newly launched partner program, and the secret formula behind successful tech partnerships.

Highlights of Pigment’s new global partner program

When launching a partner program to expand capabilities, it’s crucial to begin with the company’s long-term mission and vision, as well as shorter term goals. This foundation of clearly defined objectives will help shape partner programs for maximum success.

One of Pigment’s key goals is to answer the call for software that enables better and more confident decision-making.

Pigment has made great strides in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) space, with its powerful, intuitive, and beautifully designed planning platform. We’re headquartered in Paris, France, and now we’ve also successfully expanded into the highly competitive North America EPM market, with flagship customers such as Figma, Gong, Carta, and Brex.

With the launch of the Pigment Partner Program (3P), we are expanding our reach and range of use cases provided to new and existing customers.

The Pigment Partner Program launch has already seen high levels of engagement and enthusiasm from newly signed partners:

First-ever 24 Hour Pigment Partner Hackathon

In an effort to accelerate partner enablement and engagement, Pigment held its very first North America partner hackathon.

During the 24 hour event, partners built applications on the Pigment platform, ranging from Retail Demand Planning and Corporate Real Estate Planning to Revenue Planning and a cross-functional Sales/Workforce/Financial Planning solution.

During the hackathon, Justin Croft (VP Solution Architecture at QueBIT) shared, 

“I was really blown away by how easy it is to build. I would say it's two to three times faster than our typical build time in planning analytics, and we're still learning Pigment. Some of our time was spent still figuring some things out, so it could have been even faster, but at least a two to three X improvement.”

Partners presented to an awards panel consisting of select Pigment customers and Pigment executive leadership. Throughout the competition, partners were supported by a dedicated team of Solution Architects.

Newly appointed North America Alliances leader

Alaina McVey has joined Pigment as an Alliances leader for North America partners. 

In her new role, Alaina will spearhead the long-term vision for the partner roadmap. She will manage partner relationships and maintain a fruitful, mutually beneficial alliance between Pigment and its North American partners.

Alaina joins Pigment with more than 15 years of experience leading top partner programs for organizations including Deloitte and Anaplan.

A winning formula for successful technology partnerships

Partnerships between technology companies help reduce the friction faced by customers during the investment process. The customer of today often faces information overload — and a single, streamlined platform can help ease the confusion when vetting technology to solve burning pain points.

The EPM industry has the tendency to veer towards tried-and-tested solutions that stand the test of time. However, this tendency leads to the creation of legacy and outdated software.

Partners can help bring modern solutions and innovative technology to areas in need of a revamp. Technology trends that dominate the future - AI, cryptocurrency, and virtual reality - become that much more accessible when facilitated by subject matter experts.

As stated by one of our partners, Keyrus:

"At Keyrus, we strive to unlock easier, faster, and more impactful data insights and business processes for our clients, through our partners. We have partnerships with established and innovative technologies, and this global alliance between Pigment and our company will help us make a difference in how companies can drive success through intelligent use of their data.”

Moreover, the mark of product-market fit is accelerated demand. Pigment partnerships will help maintain the increased momentum we see from great product-market fit by offloading onboarding, implementation, data insights, and other key components of the customer experience.

Gary Quirke, CEO at QueBIT Consulting, shares his thoughts on partnering with Pigment:

“QueBIT is honored to be one of Pigment’s first North American Partners. Pigment’s vision to provide a connected planning solution at scale, which can also be owned and managed by business users, perfectly aligns with QueBIT’s strategy to deliver best-in-class xP&A  solutions.   There has never been a more exciting time to launch into the xP&A market, and we look forward to growing with this new and exciting emerging technology.”

In summary, the formula behind a truly successful technology partnership - which we’re following at Pigment - is an amalgamation of:

A winning product + best-fit partners + seamless alignment of partner missions

The secret ingredient behind Pigment’s grand success with its partnerships thus far lies in two main factors: high standards for partner selection and white-glove treatment of signed partners.

Quality is the name of the game. Prioritizing high-quality partners who are 100% aligned with Pigment’s vision allows for a seamless process flow when interacting with customers.

For more information and to learn how you can apply for the Pigment Partner Program, visit our partner webpage.

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