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What you'll learn

Join Pigment for exclusive and interactive demos, where you’ll be able to ask questions and witness Pigment’s integrated planning platform firsthand.

These live sessions will review Pigment’s capabilities, including data prep, modeling, reporting, forecasting, what-if analysis, and more.

Key topics

Data aggregation from multiple sources




What-if scenarios

You'll hear from

Pigment Solutions Consultants will guide you through the platform

Martin overton

EMEA Solutions Consulting Lead

erin gondeck

US Solutions Consultant

jeremie brunet

EMEA Solutions Consultant

Romain colin

EMEA Solutions Consultant

Colm Kenneally

EMEA Solutions Consultant

chris friederich

US Solutions Consultant

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Customers rate us on Gartner

in Financial Planning Software

30B+ USD

Pigment Is An All Encompassing Tool That Helps Elevate Your Modeling & Drives Efficiency

“Amazing experience using Pigment for our internal process and annual planning needs. The system is easy to use, adapts to our organization's needs and the product continues to innovate. I'm excited to keep using Pigment for vital business processes.”

50M-250M USD

A Versatile And Powerful Tool For Analytics And Modeling

“Pigment has become an invaluable tool in our organisation, both for actual margins analytics and scenario modeling. The solution architect that implemented Pigment was very pedagogic and remained flexible when our focus slightly shifted from our original goals.”

500M-1B USD

Pigment is currently the greatest business planning platform with no doubt

“On many levels, Pigment has been disrupting the market of XPnA to reach what a vendor should be providing in 2023. Pigment is revolutionary in the way it approaches the dimensionality (and hierarchies management) so that complex problematic requiring a highly customized solution (for not saying hard-to-maintain solution) with other technologies are solved with simple and robust solution with Pigment”

3B-10B USD

Pigment Is Capable Of Doing Magic In Terms Of Financial Planning

“Pigment is a very user friendly tool. It really is capable of doing magic in terms of financial planning.”

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