Pigment raises $26M to build the future of business planning.

The business planning platform
for fast-growing companies

Get a full-spectrum view of your business. Model any scenario. Make better decisions. 

It’s time for the next generation
of business planning

Build beautiful and dynamic reports, plans and forecasts

For finance folks

As your business grows, it gets harder to build and maintain accurate reports, plans and forecasts.

Pigment brings all your data together, unlocking effortless real-time modeling and better strategic thinking.

For revenue people

Pigment gives you the ability to find opportunities and build accurate plans in an ever-changing landscape, providing you with what you need to understand how your business is working in real-time.

Create stunning visualizations that keep your team in the loop and help boost sales.

For executives

When you’re leading a fast-growing company towards success, you need a multidimensional view of your business.

With Pigment, you can swiftly compare actuals, budgets and forecasts to track key metrics and see the impact of your decisions in real-time.

Suited for every industry

Pigment’s scalable and intuitive engine help you plan your business, no matter the industry



Consumer goods

Ecommerce & Retail

And more

Enter the new world of planning

How does it work?

Sync data

Consolidate and aggregate large amounts of data in real-time from all your sources


Make dynamic models in a matter of hours that can evolve as your company grows

Report in real-time

Collect inputs from everywhere and everyone, surface insights from your data, and connect business cases across your company

Run what-if scenarios

Plan for contingencies to grasp the impact of events and decisions – within minutes


Work smoothly as a single team with the ability to overwrite, tag and comment as you work simultaneously

Why use Pigment?

Be efficient

Do less grunt work

Pigment frees up bandwidth so you can focus on what matters. Spend less time preparing your data, and more time analyzing it.

Import, clean, and enrich data from all your business apps in seconds

Get the flexibility you need to build and maintain models over time and prevent errors

Zoom in and out of your business data with a few taps, using intuitive drill-down and waterfall chart features

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Align your teams

Break down silos

Create a single system of record and build a shared understanding of the numbers that matter.

Ensure data integrity and consistency across your models with shared metrics

Get off email and run conversations directly on Pigment

Get everyone aligned on definitions of key metrics with Excel-like syntax formulas and dependency diagrams

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Predict and plan

Avoid unpleasant surprises

Be prepared for all eventualities and gameplan the best decisions in advance.

Run what-if scenarios on the fly from any board, at any moment

Collaborate, request updates and share insights with your team to increase the overall quality of your planning

Immediately see the impact of changes on your models with distributed planning features

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Customer stories

They chose Pigment!

"The time our FP&A team has to spend to prepare things is essentially eradicated and it allows us to really add more value to the business and focus on analyzing numbers."

Mohamad Mookhith

FP&A manager @ Deliveroo

"Having used several planning tools in my past, I can confidently say Pigment UI is one of the strongest I have been exposed to, very user-friendly and easy to get used to."

Herut Uval

Senior FP&A manager @ Melio

"Before Pigment we used spreadsheets to build our reporting and forecasts and we decided to switch for Pigment to scale our financial stack with a dedicated tool having huge capabilities in terms of modelling, collaboration and access rights."

Lyes Bekalti

Head of FP&A @ Spendesk

"The main benefits from Pigment are the flexibility, the scalability of the system and the easy implementation. You don't need to wait for months before going live."

Igor Poulis

Head of FP&A @ Cheerz

"We've found a tool that is, at the same time, flexible and which guides you building models in the most efficient ways possible"

Stephen G. Pasini

FP&A Lead @ BlaBlaCar

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