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For revenue teams

Grow sales and be more efficient by
improving data management and planning.

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Empowering world-leading companies

With Pigment

Build, maintain and visualize reports, plans and forecasts in real-time

20% preparing data
80% analyzing data

Create unbreakable formulas

Run models in hours
instead of days

At least 20x fewer
formulas than in Excel

Spend more time on strategy

Stay focused and leave behind time-consuming tasks to do what you do best: strategy, sales plans and forecasts.

Bring together data from all your business apps (Salesforce, Looker and more)

Clean and enrich data in seconds

Answer questions from your executives in minutes

Become a strategic partner. Your execs rely on you to give relevant and verified answers.

Connect all your business cases across your organization in real-time

Make changes on your models in clicks with our multidimensional platform

Model faster and better by using at least 20 x fewer formulas than on spreadsheets

Adapt with your company

Your plans change constantly – across sales capacity, forecasts, quotas and geographies.

Easily build, maintain and change your models over time

Use live calculations and new segments that apply everywhere

Add new dimensions in clicks

Collaborate across teams

With Pigment, work as one team and align your whole organization around shared goals.

Allow multiple stakeholders to provide their input

Run live conversations alongside your models

Improve your planning and assumptions, and reduce time spent on multiple versions of a plan

Gameplan the best decisions in advance

As your business evolves, stay nimble to change assumptions and forecasts on the fly.

Run comprehensive what-if scenarios from your models – in minutes

Create beautiful tables and waterfall charts to figure out the best path forward

All your RevOps use cases covered

Sales capacity planning

New product, new territory, new goals, etc. Clearly showcasing how much more you need to make the number in current and future quarters. With Pigment get answers and optimize sales capacity and resource requirements to ensure you reach your revenue goals.

Revenue planning

From last year, zero-based, based on quotas or based on capacity, get everyone on the same page by defining clear and accurate revenue targets.

Sales forecasting

By connecting all your apps, get a real-time view of the revenue health indicators that matter for your business. Whether you’re forecasting in quarters or months, by channel or product lines,
use both historical and current sales performance to forecast future sales results more accurately.

Sales territory and quotas planning

Maximize the power of your sales team by defining accurate objectives in terms of revenue by region and employees. Manage complete coverage and create data-driven sales quota targets.

And many more...

Pigment gives you full flexibility to embrace the way your company works.

Get rid of constraints on your models

Leave behind error-prone spreadsheets and embrace the new world of modelling.

Pigment and you

For CROs

Drive your sales planning and forecasting process in one centralized platform. Bring a single source of truth to your organization and drive your business strategy with your executive colleagues.

View and track all key metrics in real-time via stunning reports

Eliminate number-crunching and modeling constraints so your team can focus on value-added analysis

Define and design your team’s territories, roles and quotas

For RevOps and analysts

Leave behind data-crunching tasks to focus on what matters.

Increase the accuracy of your plans, forecasts and models

Build multidimensional sales capacity plans

Easily change and improve your model over time, ensuring data integrity and preventing errors

Run what-if scenarios on the fly to help your decision-makers drive business strategy

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Bring color to your
company’s future

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