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How Webhelp scaled and unified complex financial reporting across its operations worldwide

Outsourcing and Offshoring Consulting


"The strong functional capabilities and the scalability of the platform helps Webhelp unify and control complex financial reporting across its operations worldwide, ensuring that we’re always at the top of our game for our clients."

Bruno Vaffier

Chief Financial Officer at Webhelp

How Figma's Finance team graduated to strategic partnership by saving time on manual reconciliations



"We’ve had a phenomenal experience with everyone at Pigment as they’re genuinely interested and invested to make sure we’re successful."

Nicole Wittlin

VP Strategic Finance at Figma

How ClickUp fast-tracked financial planning with seamless integrations

B2B Saas


"We found that Pigment not only met all of our base criteria, but exceeded our expectations in connectivity, processing power, and the ability to collaborate, which is very central to our organization."

Jeremy Stern

Finance Manager at ClickUp

How dbt Labs saved days of work by automating data flows

B2B Saas


"Updating Google Sheets took days of team members’ time… now we have a seamless and automated data flow, particularly around our workforce planning."

Sarah Riley

Head of Finance & Strategy at dbt Labs

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Why customers love the Pigment experience

"I wouldn't call it Pigment, I would call it a MUST-HAVE for STRATEGIC FINANCE and FP&A teams!"

Lorenzo B

Strategy & Operations @Bryter

"Amazing Experience Switching from Planful to Pigment."

Kevin Z

Strategic Finance Manager @Carta

"Pigment is a powerful and highly flexible spreadsheet replacement tool."

Nicolas B

FP&A Manager @ManoMano

"We have been able to deliver a final p&l budget fully in Pigment in less than 1.5 month"

Tristan G

Finance & BI Analyst @Virtuo

"Pigment helps our planning be much more flexible. We can model many more scenarios, with greater variation, than when planning in spreadsheets."

Troels V

Sales Ops Analyst @Algolia

"Pigment is a very well-designed planning tool that combines flexibility and power!"

Jose R

VP of FP&A @Uberall

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