The business planning platform

For finance teams and CFOs

Make the flip: spend more time analyzing data than preparing it.

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Empowering FP&A teams from world-leading companies

With Pigment

Build, maintain and visualize reports, plans and forecasts in real-time

20% preparing data
80% analyzing data

Create unbreakable formulas

Run your models in hours
instead of days

20 times fewer formulas than in Excel

Sync data

Data preparation shouldn’t take most of your time

Pigment brings together inputs from all your business apps (Netsuite, Workday, Bamboo HR, Greenhouse, Looker, Snowflake and more) and lets you clean and enrich data in seconds.

Report in real-time

Know exactly what your business is doing

Connect business cases across your organization in real-time and build stunning reports, plans and forecasts to gain a 360° picture of your business.

Run what-if scenarios

Make ‘no surprises’ the new normal

As a strategic player in your business, assess your key drivers and their impact.

With Pigment, run comprehensive what-if scenarios in minutes, easily change assumptions and compare scenarios via beautiful tables and waterfall charts.


Work as one team

Overwrite quota assumptions, comment on the latest figures, and tag your teammates to start live conversations.


Optimize your team process

Stop chasing data with endless emails threads. Gather everything and track progress with personalized workflows.

All your FP&A use cases covered

Collaborative budget planning

Let each cost center directly input their numbers into a dedicated centralized app.

Budget variance analysis

Build stunning dashboards to align everyone on your actuals versus forecasts.

Rolling forecast

Import your historical data and build your forecast on top of it.

Revenue planning

Whether from last year or zero-based, get everyone on the same page by defining clear and accurate revenue targets.

P&L, cashflow, balance sheet

Model and forecast any financial statements directly within Pigment.

And many more...

Pigment gives you full flexibility to embrace the way your company works.

Get rid of constraints on your models

Get all the flexibility you need to stop fainting when your boss asks to add a new segment or update your model.

Built with everyone in mind

For CFOs

Bring a single source of truth to your organization to better drive business strategy with your C-Suite colleagues.

View and track all key metrics in real-time via stunning reports

Eliminate number-crunching and modeling constraints so your team can focus on value-added analysis

Get a 360° view of your business to make better decisions

For FP&A managers and analyst

Less time preparing your data,
more time analyzing.

Import, clean and enrich data from all your business apps in seconds

Model in hours, not in days

Easily change and improve your model over time insuring data integrity and preventing errors.

Run what-if scenarios on the fly to help your decision-makers drive business strategy

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Bring color to your
company’s future

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