Pigment's Academy is Live!

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The Pigment Academy for customers and partners is your fast-track to data modeling, planning, and analysis on the Pigment platform.

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Chelsea Cowley
September 16, 2022

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Pigment's Academy is Live!


Pigment customers have always been resourceful and inquisitive. What better way to acknowledge their thirst for learning than with the brand new Pigment Academy?

Let’s back up for a minute: if you’re a Pigment customer or partner, you might have heard the announcement on our informative and super fun product newsletter.

Pigment's academy is live

You’re already familiar with the Pigment Community — an active group of new Pigmenteers, experienced modelers, and all-around Pigment enthusiasts discussing all things Pigment online. The next step in the evolution of the community was very natural: a dedicated Academy to take your Pigment knowledge to the next level.

This connection between the community and Academy is important because we want community members to be able to seamlessly move between the two experiences. This will encourage the smoothest flow of information possible.

Since the Pigment Academy is brand new, this article will take you through the key features and ideas on how you can use Academy to enhance your Pigment experience.

Let’s get started!

Who can access the Pigment Academy?

As mentioned earlier, the Pigment academy is available to all Pigment customers and partners. Since the academy is meant to serve as an introduction to Pigment as well as a refresher for experienced folks, it makes sense that you need access to the Pigment platform to best follow the material.

You do need to log into your Pigment community account to access the Pigment Academy.

But what is the Pigment Academy?

Great question.

The Pigment Academy is a platform that offers 24x7 access to self-paced content focusing on Pigment fundamentals and more advanced topics as well.

With the Pigment Academy, you can choose detailed and technical Pigment training, or choose a more high-level approach as well. The path you choose depends on your role and expected usage of Pigment.

Technical users can follow the fully-structured learning pathway to prepare for the Modeling fundamentals certification, learning advanced data modeling and analysis concepts. This includes how to craft formulas, connect to and explore your data, and reporting and forecasting in Pigment.

Business users can follow the Pigment Essentials track, which includes a rundown of how Pigment works and a focus on building beautiful dashboards and presentations to uncover deeper insights.

Limited on time? We’ve also started creating bite-sized learning that presents a specific topic so you can learn even in a time crunch.

How does the academy fit into the Pigment Community?

We want you to achieve autonomous learning throughout your Pigment journey. We also believe in the power of peer-supported learning.

Throughout Academy, you’ll find links to relevant and helpful articles on Community that you can bookmark for use on your journey to becoming a Pigment pro. As you progress, the Academy study hall on Community is the best place to ask questions about the lessons and share ideas about Pigment training.

Remember, learning doesn’t have to stop once you master a subject. We’re always adding exciting new features to Pigment, so checking in on Academy frequently is a great way to get the best out of Pigment.

Happy learning!

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