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For decision-makers

Create a single source of truth for your organization and drive better business strategy.

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Empowering world-leading companies

With Pigment

Build, maintain and visualize reports, plans and forecasts in real-time

Get a 360° view of your business

From marketing to sales and HR, zoom in and out of all your business functions instantly to help you make the best decisions.

Make ‘no surprises’ the new normal

Understand the impact of your decisions. Instead of outsourcing questions to modelers, Pigment’s platform lets you build your own pessimistic and optimistic scenarios, and to compare actual versus forecasted figures.

Get everyone on the same page

Create a single system of record and build a shared understanding of the numbers that matter.

Seamless collaboration

Get answers to your questions in minutes

As your business evolves, do not wait weeks for updated plans and forecasts.

All your metrics are connected in real-time across your models so you can trust your forecasts and plans

Collaborate easily through conversations and requests for updates

See the impact of changes to your models with distributed planning features

See what lies behind the numbers


As a data-driven leader, you want to grasp where your metrics come from.

That’s why Pigment:

Uses easy-to-read syntax and formulas

Allows users to drill down on a metric to see what’s behind it in a few clicks

Provides dependency diagrams to surface the relations between your metrics

Make your team more effective

There’s no point getting leading analysts and modelers to do time-consuming grunt work that adds little value.

20% preparing data

Automatically import data, clean and enrich from all your business apps in a few clicks.

80% analyzing data

Pigment frees up bandwidth so your team can focus on what matters: gathering insights to make better decisions.

100% fewer errors

Leave behind manual data entry and complex formulas to embrace object-based modeling.

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Bring color to your
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